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Pink Minimalist Danish Designer Watches for Women

Pink watches are commonly popular among women since the colour is perceived as calming and is associated with love, femininity, and kindness. Wearing a classic pink watch is beyond what the colour symbolises; it offers a unique touch to the entire look. The best pink watch for women effortlessly accentuates your soft feminine charm, making it a highly sought-after timepiece from our collection.

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Inspired by the importance of taking time to reflect on one's life. This collection is a reflection on how you and your loved ones are choosing to spend your time. Reflexion reiterates August Berg's key message of ‘Time spent consciously is time well-spent'. #timefulness​

Reflexion features a slimmer and smaller case at 38mm complete with a mirror reflective dial as a constant reminder to the wearer. It’s a unique collection of luxury steel mesh watches for women & men.

Rose Gold Minimalist Danish Designer Watches for Men

Rose Gold has enjoyed increasing popularity among men, from a rather unfashionable colour choice to a highly favoured tone for accessories and jewellery. It may come as a surprise but rose gold is an excellent colour for men. The warm tone of our classic rose gold watch gives a unique touch to any look. Indulge yourself with our best rose gold watch for men collection and find the timepiece that completes your outfit.

Rose Gold Minimalist Danish Designer Watches for Women

Rose Gold is perceived as the most romantic metal due to its pinkish-red colour, making it popular among women. Any rose-tone jewellery pieces add a touch of feminine luxury to the overall look, and August Berg’s classic rose gold watch makes a beautiful addition to any collection. Discover the best rose gold watch for women that exudes a sense of boldness and femininity, letting you stand out in the crowd for a good reason.



August Berg's debut collection, Serenity, features luxury watches for women & men and available in 32mm and 40mm dials with three variations of watch straps – classic Milanese Mesh, genuine Italian leather, and our signature Perlon straps. Exclusively hand-picked by August Berg, and meticulously crafted, the unique Perlon straps are made using high-quality nylon, intricately woven and lined with Nubuck (cowhide leather) for a comfortable and breathable feel. These straps also feature invisible belt holes for a seamless and sleek look. ​

A new modern classic, designed by renowned Danish watch designer Magnus Joergensen, Serenity is uncompromising quality, style, and contemporary minimalism. A collection of affordable luxury watches that represent the best of Danish design traditions with a twist of modern features and colours, inspired by the Danish landscapes and scenery – from the deep blue skies and the jewel-toned waters of a Danish holiday.

Silver Minimalist Danish Designer Watches for Women

No matter what occasion, a classic silver watch is a well-favoured choice of accessories due to its timeless aesthetic appeal. Pairing the timepiece with other accessories and any ensemble can undoubtedly turn heads, be it for casual or formal events. Donning the best silver watch for women offers an easy, day-to-night charm.

Sliver Minimalist Danish Designer Watches for Men

Silver has been the go-to for accessories and jewellery due to its flexibility in complementing most outfits. Our classic silver watch collection features a simple yet timeless design that matches effortlessly with any menswear, creating a contemporary look. Whether casual or formal, a combination of any attire and the best silver watch for men will look incredibly dapper.

Stainless Steel Milanese Mesh Straps

Renowned for its classic and polished aura, mesh strap is always a popular choice for watch bracelets. Milanese mesh strap has proven its incredible flexibility in terms of being adjustable by length and complementing any watch design, whether vintage or modern watches. Our minimalist watches with mesh strap collection are suitable for those looking for comfort and longer lifespan timepieces.

Vintage Danish Watches for Men

Vintage Danish Watches for Men

Shop today’s versatile designer watches for men that can go from day to night. Experience the gift of time with a classic modern vintage timepiece from August Berg. Designed to be an everyday staple, our Danish design watches can effortlessly complement any outfit with the durability of a Sapphire Glass Crystal and Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel - it’s the watch for every day and every special moment in your life. The classic colours inspired by Danish landscapes add an extra layer of style to your look, making our stylish watches for men a must-have for any occasion.

Vintage Danish Watches for Women

Vintage Danish Watches for Women

August Berg’s stylish watches for women embody a sense of elegance and confidence, making it an eye-catching accessory to any ensemble. Created to be a fashion staple with colours inspired by the Scandinavian landscapes, our Danish design watches can take you from the boardroom to a girl’s night out effortlessly - there’s something for every type of personality. Our range of designer watches for women is created to cater to every style from minimalist to neutrals and pops of colour, making each a perfect gift idea, as well.