Anders Peter Juel Sauerberg, Founder and CEO of August Berg ​

In 2004, Anders Peter founder and CEO of August Berg started Norbreeze Group with his partner Anne and introduced minimalistic yet functional Scandinavian timepieces to Asia. ​

Since then, Norbreeze Group has successfully distributed and incubated numerous brands across Asia. This experience provides a deep understanding of Asian culture in addition to their understanding of their European heritage.​

Now begins a new chapter: The creation of August Berg – timepieces designed to inspire and remind us to make conscious choices with our time. This appreciation for the time we have - and what we choose to do with it - Anders Peter calls Timefulness. ​

More than a watch brand, August Berg strives to make a positive difference in the lives of others. With every watch sold, August Berg works with Human Practice Foundation to provide quality education to children in local communities in rural Africa. ​

Through August Berg, Anders Peter hopes to advocate Timefulness while giving back to society.