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Meet August Berg’s storytellers who are taking control of their own time.

Passionate individuals who have found a way to design their lives and infuse it with meaning and purpose.

We like to call them our Storytellers because they continue to define their story by giving themselves the gift of time.

Be inspired and encourage by them to live your life with passion, confidence and purpose. 


Who: Lawyer, Humanitarian, Founder of Human Practice Foundation

Timefulness to me is: To be with what is, and accepting it fully.


Who: Health enthusiast, TV Presenter, Model

Timefulness to me is: Having to juggle work, family, social life, working out… it means that I have to make sure that I’m always on time. I know where I need to be, when I need to be, and making sure that nothing comes in between that.


Who: Mom, Founder of Collate the Label, and Our Second Nature.

Timefulness to me is: Okay, well, I think for me especially, time means being present and be it for my family, or at my work place. Time is, being in the present, being in the now, and appreciating the moments that we have with them.


Who: Entrepreneur, Founder of Mercury Social, CRIB Society, Trehaus, and Life Beyond Grades.

Timefulness to me is: Being present.


Who: Father, Co-owner, Pince & Pints.

Timefulness to me is: Timefullness to me, I think, most importantly is family. Family is something that I treasure, a lot. It is something that I think money can’t buy. And, timefullness is about appreciating and being contented with everything that we have, and enjoying our family, enjoying our work… yeah.


Who: Content creator, aveilofmodesty.

Timefulness to me is: Hmm… timefulness to me means, being mindful of the time we have together, and making every second count.