Fashion is an ever-changing industry, but one thing remains constant: the importance of accessories in completing an outfit. Accessories have the power to transform a simple outfit into a stylish and unique look. And with the right accessories, you can take your fashion game to the next level. In this post, we'll explore the art of fashion styling with accessories.

Why Accessories are Important?

From jewellery to watches, bags to shoes, accessories give you the opportunity to express your personal style and complete an outfit. One of the best things about accessories is that they can instantly change the mood of your outfit. For example, a bold statement necklace can take a simple outfit from casual to dressy. Similarly, a bright-coloured bag can add a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral outfit.

Accessories can be the perfect way to take an outfit from drab to fab. Whether you’re looking for a subtle change or a bold statement, the right accessories can easily transform your look and give it a unique flair. From head-turning statement necklaces and eye-catching earrings to fashionable scarves and bags, there are so many options for spicing up your wardrobe. With accessories, you can effortlessly take a simple outfit from casual to dressy in an instant.

How to Elevate your Fashion Style?

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When it comes to styling with accessories, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First, think about the occasion. Different events call for different accessory choices. For example, a formal event may require more subdued and elegant accessories, while a casual outing may allow for more playful and colourful options.

Another important factor to consider is the colour scheme of your outfit. Accessories are a great way to add complementary or contrasting colours to your look. If you're wearing a monochromatic outfit, for example, you can add a pop of colour with a bold accessory.


Watches are very versatile accessories that can make a big impact on your outfit. A stylish watch can add sophistication and elegance to a simple outfit. With the variety of watch styles and colours available, you can choose one that complements your personal style and outfit.

Another interesting element about watches is the option to have interchangeable watch straps. On top of the differing wrist experience, different materials have different characters that have the ability to complement different outfits.

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Combining patterns and solid colours can be an effective way to create a stylish and eye-catching look. By understanding the fundamentals of the colour wheel, you can mix solid colours and patterns while achieving the desired result. Colours that are opposite on the colour wheel are complementary to each other and can provide a harmonious balance when used together. Too much bright, intense colour may overwhelm a space, so it is important to pay attention to tone, texture and saturation when picking out your fabrics and accessories.


For bags, choose one that complements the occasion and your outfit. A crossbody bag is a great choice for a casual day out, while a clutch or small purse is more suitable for a formal event.


Belts are another great accessory to define your waist and add structure to your outfit. They can be worn with dresses, jeans, or even oversized shirts to create a more tailored look.

In conclusion, accessories are an essential component of fashion styling. They have the power to transform your outfit and showcase your personal style. So, don't be afraid to experiment with different accessory combinations and find what works best for you. With the right accessories, you can take your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.

March 16, 2023 — August Berg