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Article: Bamboo Box as Sustainable Packaging

Bamboo Box as Sustainable Packaging

Bamboo Box as Sustainable Packaging

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word sustainability? Green initiatives are rampant these days among several businesses, including the retail industry as consumers have increasingly become aware of the detrimental impacts of climate change and jumped on the sustainability bandwagon. Many businesses have integrated sustainability into their operations to help ease the effects of climate change and improve brand image. 

While most businesses opt to use sustainable materials in their products or services, some brands contribute in their own little way by using sustainable packaging to become a more earth-friendly brand. It is critically important for companies to understand the impact of their products to the environment and how to minimise this impact. More consumers show willingness to switch to different brands based on the company’s commitment to the planet. Hence, the sustainability commitment can affect, positively or negatively, customer ‘s brand loyalty.

What is Sustainable Packaging?

August Berg aspires to become an environmentally friendly brand by utilising sustainable boxes for their watches. But what is sustainable packing? How to determine if a packaging is sustainable? What material is best for the planet?

Basically, sustainable packaging is simply packaging that is safer or better for the environment. To determine whether or not the packaging is eco-friendly, manufacturers will perform a life cycle assessment to ascertain its impact to the environment – not just what it is made of. Yes, not just about the materials being used to construct the packaging. Any sustainable packaging initiative does not only mean eco-friendly raw materials, rather it involves four key variables such as cost, sustainability (reusability, recyclability, and compostability), performance (can it do the job of protecting the product?), and sortability (can it be accurately sorted out?). Another important factor in determining sustainable packaging is the actual process of creating the packaging. All efforts will be useless if the process of making the packaging involves emitting harmful substance to the environment.

Sustainable packaging comes in different forms and materials, including recycled cardboard and paper, seaweed, cornstarch, and many others. However, there’s a type of packaging that’s making a buzz at the present – Bamboo packaging.

Why Bamboo Packaging is popular?

Bamboo, when used as a material for product packaging, provides a high level of durability and versatility. Many brands are now using bamboo in their sustainability initiative since this giant grass-type plant is considered as biodegradable renewable resource. Bamboos are known to have a rapid growth rate, making it an abundant raw material.

All August Berg timepieces are encased in eco-conscious bamboo box which can be reused in different ways.

Benefits of Bamboo for Packaging

Bamboo offers a lot of benefits to the brand when used as packaging.

Low Cost

Bamboo is much easier to access considering that it grows around the world. The cultivation does not demand a big land area, many resources, or a lot of time. All these mean that accessing the bamboo material is quick, easy, and inexpensive.


Bamboo is an ideal alternative for materials such as plastic, and it can meet the sustainability objectives of many businesses. Since many customers are now prioritising purchases based on sustainability goals, it is critical that companies search for ways to improve their environmentally friendly strategies.

End-of-Life Focus

For a material to be truly sustainable and friendly to the environment, it must be able to easily degrade or decompose under normal environmental factors – no chemicals required or no need to wait for several years. It is for this reason that bamboo stood out from the others. Bamboo has been certified as compostable which means it will decompose at a rate comparable to known compostable materials.

Customer Attraction

As the awareness and concern over climate change increased, consumers and businesses are continuously searching for eco-friendly options for their daily needs. Bamboo moulded fiber packaging makes a great sustainable choice not just due to its versatility and durability, but due to its unique aesthetic as well. Many consumers show support to brands that prioritise the planet’s health, and the companies with bamboo packaging are often highly preferred.

With the growing issues on climate change, it is crucial for everyone to take part in reducing the environmental impact by opting for products with a positive impact on the planet over less sustainable options. With every purchase of any August Berg timepiece, consumers are ensured that the watch is securely protected by the durable bamboo box while helping save the earth. Don't forget to tag us on our Instagram @augustbergofficial to share how you wear our watch!

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Designed in exclusive collaboration with the iconic British heritage brand - Morris & Co.. The chemistry between Minimalism & Maximalism!


Designed by Magnus Joergensen with Minimalism philosophy of both Modern & Vintage, making it last in time.


Equipped with anti-reflective & scratch-resistant glass, made of specialized single-dome sapphire crystals - Serenity collection


Crafted with meticulously chosen Japanese Miyota Quartz movement, ensuring precision & the utmost accuracy in timekeeping.


Can be engraved with your own message, making it a perfect meaningful gift for your loved ones.


With every watch sold, we help gift a child with 6 month of quality education in Asia & Africa. And, with every 20,000 watches sold, we will build a school with Human Practice Foundation. But why education?


Delivered in sustainable & reusable Bamboo Boxes, certified by Forest Stewardship Council®


August Berg supports Carbon Removal for every shipment, ensuring that your delivery is carbon-neutral, and certified by Carbon Direct.