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Reflexion Gold | Gold Mesh 38mm-August Berg

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Designed in Denmark and founded by Anders Peter Juel Sauerberg, August Berg timepieces are designed to inspire and remind us to make conscious choices with our time. The time we have and what we choose to do with it is essential – and at August Berg we call this epiphany timefulness.

More than a watch brand, August Berg strives to make a positive difference in the lives of others and with every watch sold, August Berg will donate funds to provide quality education by way of building schools for kids in local communities in rural Africa through The Human Practice Foundation. This is our way of giving back to society – giving the gift of a future through education.
Serenity Deep Blue Rose Gold | Blue Perlon-August Berg

Men's Watches

Are you looking for a versatile Men’s watch that can go from day to night? Give yourself the gift of time with a classic modern vintage timepiece from August Berg. Designed to be an everyday staple our watches easily transition from the boardroom to the dinner table with the durability of a Sapphire Glass Crystal and Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel, it’s the watch for every day and every special moment in your life. The classic colours inspired by Danish landscapes add an extra layer of style to your look regardless of the occasion.
Reflexion Silver | Silver Mesh 38mm-August Berg


Inspired by the importance of taking time to reflect on one's life. Reflexion emphasises the importance of taking time to reflect on how you and your loved ones are choosing to spend your time. The collection reiterates August Berg's key message of 'Time spent consciously is time well-spent'.
Serenity Deep Blue Rose Gold | Blue Perlon-August Berg


August Berg's debut collection, Serenity, features a variety of designs that are available in 32mm and 40mm dials.

A new modern classic, designed by renowned Danish watch designer Magnus Joergensen, Serenity is uncompromising quality, style and contemporary minimalism. The collection represents the best of Danish design traditions with a twist of modern features and colours, inspired by the Danish landscapes and scenery – from the deep blue skies and the jewel-toned waters of a summer holiday.
Serenity Deep Blue Rose Gold | Blue Perlon-August Berg

Unisex Watches

When it comes to watches, there's a rising trend of unisex watches, where women are no longer confined to smaller watch faces and dainty straps. To cater to this demand, August Berg offers gender-neutral designs for unisex watches made for any wearer.
Or perhaps you're looking for a gift to show your commitment to spending time with each other? Our unisex watches are a subtle way to #couplewatch with your special someone. Available in 40mm and 32mm in unisex watch colours and combinations, there's an August Berg watch for every type of couple.
Serenity Deep Blue Rose Gold | Blue Perlon-August Berg

Women's Watches

Are you looking for a new women’s watch to refresh your wardrobe? Or are you looking for a women’s watch as a gift? Our range of women’s watches is designed to cater to every style from minimalist to neutrals and pops of colour. Created to be a fashion staple with colours inspired by the Scandinavian landscapes, our women’s watches can take you from the boardroom to a girl’s night out, there’s something for every type of lady.