Do you agree that a watch defines a person’s personality?

There are watches, and there are watches. Both may sound similar, but the former is an instrument that tells you the time while the latter is a piece of exquisite craftsmanship that shows people what kind of person you are.

When picking the perfect timepiece for yourself, most likely you have encountered issues such as “How much should I spend?”, “Should I get a leather strap or mesh strap?” and “Is this too sporty for me?”. Don’t worry! Just by following the simple steps below, you will be enjoying the great gift of time on your wrist - #timefulness

  1. Consider your lifestyle

Before buying a watch, think about your lifestyle. Think about your fashion direction, your hobbies, and what kind of personality you hope to present to others. Different styles of watches bring out different looks to the person wearing them. For example, if you are a minimalist, you can consider our ever-popular Serenity Deep Blue Silver | Blue Perlon, or if you are someone who likes to make a statement, Morris & Co. Indigo Rose Gold Strawberry Thief | Indigo Perlon will be perfect for you.

  1. Set A Budget

Even if you found a timepiece that suits your style, you must think through your wallet as well. Do not buy something that you cannot afford. There are always watches for every budget. You can treat yourself to an expensive watch, but never forget to consider your current spending capability. The last thing we want is for you to blow your entire paycheck on just a watch.

  1. Think About Functionality

You tried a watch, and you love it. But you remember that you have a sweaty wrist, and the leather strap will not be suitable for you. However, you decided to go with it still, and in the end, you did not have a great time wearing the watch as it was so uncomfortable due to the strap. Always remember to pick a watch that suits your functions, or you might regret it. The best option is to opt for watches that have interchangeable straps to avoid facing such issues.

Different people have different ways of choosing the perfect timepiece for themselves. The tips above are some of the many ways to help you pick the right watch, and we would love to hear from you guys too! Do tag us on our social media @augustbergofficial when you are sharing them!

August 06, 2021 — August Berg