Child's story: Meet Christine Naseiku

Meet Christine Naseiku: Class 8 Student At Olotasha Primary School

Christine is a 17-year-old student in Primary School in Kenya. She is born and raised in a Maasai community, where boys are taught how to keep cattle and many young girls are exposed to child marriages and female genital mutilation. She comes from a typical Maasai household where her father has 3 wives and a total of 27 kids. She enjoys going to school and has always been interested in learning new things – which is why she is determined to finish both primary, secondary, and hopefully university. Her dream is to become a doctor so she can give back to society. With the new school infrastructure and Christine’s own dedication, her family has become very supportive of her education. ‘I used to walk long distances to collect water with my siblings. It was not always safe because there are wild animals in the area. HPF supported our school with a borehole, so now I don’t need to collect water anymore, as my family collects water from the school. The new school infrastructure and borehole have helped my family a lot, and I can now focus on my education.