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Article: Best Selling August Berg Mesh Strap Watches

Best Selling August Berg Mesh Strap Watches

Best Selling August Berg Mesh Strap Watches

Do you have a watch with a mesh strap? If not, it’s time to own one!

August Berg’s list of bestsellers is not complete without the mesh strap watches. Since the launch of the core collection, the watches with a mesh band have captured the interest of many watch lovers due to several factors. Perhaps one of the primary reasons for choosing this watch type is the unique aesthetic. It is undeniable that the mesh band effortlessly stands out in a sea of timepieces with its shiny material and outlook. Let’s admit that the watch design and materials are the first thing that catch the attention when looking at something.

Before sharing a list of the best-selling watches with a mesh band from the August Berg collection, it is essential to understand what exactly a mesh strap is and what are the benefits of donning one.

What is a Milanese mesh watch strap?

As the name suggests, the mesh watch strap is made from metal wires, specifically stainless steel, worked into characteristics of a mesh look. This type of bracelet originated from the Italian town Milan back in the 13th century which gave birth to the name “Milanese watch bands,” however, it was only in the 19th century that the Milanese mesh design was used as watch bracelets. The unique mesh design gives the bracelet a distinctive look to any watch it is combined with. Milanese mesh watch straps are a genuine classic and have remained popular throughout the years, on both vintage and modern timepieces.

Are mesh bracelet watches good?

A Milanese watch band gives the watch either a robust or sophisticated appeal, depending on the type of mesh used. It is considered sturdier than standard watch straps since it has no pins between its links and intertwines loops. Today, most mesh straps have small links designed to be dense and tight, which makes them smooth to the wrist with great breathability due to the space in its loops. As such, in terms of durability, the mesh band is built to withstand a lot of wear and tear. When it comes to design, they are known as real chameleons with their capability to complement any look and style.

So, are watches with mesh bracelets good? The answer is YES. However, it all goes back to each individual’s preference and taste. To help you decide, here’s a rundown of the highly recommended timepieces with mesh straps.

Serenity Greenhill Rose Gold | Rose Gold Mesh

One of the top-selling mesh straps watches under the Serenity collection is the Greenhill rose gold. Many watch lovers are drawn to the unique combination of the green face on a rose gold casing and the rose gold mesh strap. The green face gives the watch a fresh appeal while the rose gold accents exude sophistication.

One of the many customers who purchased the watch shared a feedback that quoted “Fantastic green! Deep, but clear green that is never seen before.” See other good reviews of the Greenhill rose gold mesh watch.

Buy the Serenity Greenhill Rose Gold | Rose Gold Mesh 40mm now at SG$329.00. Also available in 32mm size.

Serenity Ash & Orchid Rose Gold | Rose Gold Mesh

The colour ash pink may not sound familiar, but once you see the hue, then it’s easily distinguishable. Ash pink features a soft and subdued earthy pink shade and it symbolises love and femininity which could be the reason why this colour becomes a favourite pick among women. Many consider the ash orchid mesh strap watches for ladies which might have some truth.

The Serenity Ash & Orchid watch with rose gold mesh emanates a subtle yet distinctive characteristic. Its rose gold case and bracelet accentuate the ash pink face which makes it more eye-catching.

Buy the Serenity Ash & Orchid Rose Gold | Rose Gold Mesh 40mm now at SG$299.00. Also available in 32mm size.

Serenity Simply Silver | Silver Mesh

The Serenity Simply Silver looks modest with its pure silver hue from the casing to the face to the mesh bracelet. A silver mesh watch is often compared to a gold mesh watch, raising a debate on which one is better in terms of durability, cost, and maintenance. When it comes to price, the silver watch is certainly one of the most affordable choices, making it a popular option for jewelry.

A silver watch looks better on wearers with a cool skin tone and offers great flexibility in terms of outfit to pair it with. It makes a perfect accessory for a day-to-night event.

Buy the Serenity Simply Silver | Silver Mesh 40mm now at SG$289.00. Also available in 32mm size.

Serenity Shine Gold | Gold Mesh

Gold watches are often preferred over the other types of watches as they are known to be stronger and more durable. The Serenity Shine Gold with gold mesh bracelet has captured the eyes of many watch lovers, both men and women, due to its striking luster. Every part of the watch features a gold hue such as the face, case, hour hands, and mesh strap. Regardless of the outfit colour the wearer dons, the watch can flawlessly complement the overall look.

A customer who ordered the watch shared feedback, “The watch is high-quality and absolutely beautiful. And the customizable strap is perfect!” Read other good reviews of the Serenity Shine Gold.

Buy the Serenity Shine Gold | Gold Mesh 40mm now at SG$329.00. Also available in 32mm size.

Morris & Co. Pure Silver Bachelors Button | Silver Mesh


The only mesh watch that doesn’t belong to the core collection but has gained interest from patrons is the Morris & Co. Pure Silver Bachelors Button with silver mesh band. It features a pure silver hue on every part including the case, face, crown, hour hands, and the Milanese mesh strap. What makes this timepiece distinct is the monochromatic print designed by William Morris in 1892 featuring a delightful depiction of cornflowers, known in folklore as Bachelor’s Buttons.

Buy the Morris & Co. Pure Silver Bachelors Button | Silver Mesh 38mm now at SG$349.00. Also available in 30mm size.

Serenity Burgundy Rose Gold | Rose Gold Mesh

As the demand for rose gold mesh watches continues to soar, more colour combinations existed to provide wider options. It has given birth to bold mixing and matching of Pantone colours with rose gold, especially in terms of face and watch strap – and this includes the Serenity Burgundy with a rose gold band. This timepiece features a burgundy face highlighted by the rose gold casing, hour hands, and hour markers. Its rose gold Milanese mesh strap added a touch of luxury feels to the watch.

Customers consider the watch to be extremely flexible as the tone easily matches any clothing in the wardrobe.

Buy the Serenity Burgundy Rose Gold | Rose Gold Mesh 40mm now at SG $329.00. Also available in 32mm size.

How does a mesh watch strap work?


Milanese mesh strap watches gained popularity thanks to their aesthetic and comfort on the wrist. However, there’s another reason why people are choosing this type of band – the ease of adjusting. To adjust the strap, just follow these 3 simple steps.

  1. Use the strap tool to lift the clasp
  2. Slide the clasp to adjust the length of the strap
  3. Push back down to secure the clasp

There are more than a few reasons to own at least one mesh watch strap. The main reason may be durability or the fact that it is attractive to the public. No matter what the reason is, make sure to buy the one that suits your taste. The above list may help you decide on the colour and design. Browse our collection to see more Milanese mesh watch strap selections. Find the perfect watch that suits you the most! Do tag us on our Instagram @augustbergofficial to share how you wear our watch!

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Equipped with anti-reflective & scratch-resistant glass, made of specialized single-dome sapphire crystals - Serenity collection


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Can be engraved with your own message, making it a perfect meaningful gift for your loved ones.


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