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Article: Easter Bunny Origin: Quick History & August Berg Forest Hare Watches

Easter Watches

Easter Bunny Origin: Quick History & August Berg Forest Hare Watches

Who is not familiar with Easter Bunny? Perhaps many have grown up watching the beloved characters from childhood cartoons and movies, like Bugs Bunny and Thumper. However, the most famous bunny of all time is probably the Easter Bunny which became synonymous with Easter – considered a prominent symbol for the Easter tradition celebration.

Celebrating the annual Easter season can be more fun when the overall outfit is accentuated with a bunny accessory like the Hare timepiece. But before jumping onto the best options to highlight the Easter attire, let’s take a quick look into the quick history of the Easter bunny.

What is the origin of the Easter Bunny?

There is no historical documentation found that can shed light on how a long-eared, short-tailed creature became the “furry” face of Easter, but the simplest connection which linked it to the season is the calendar. April doesn’t just mark the blooming of spring flowers but the birth of baby bunnies as well. Rabbits, originally refer as Hares, have always been associated with the arrival of Spring since they are prolific and give birth when the weather starts to warm. Springtime and bunny are regarded as iconic symbols of freshness, birth, and renewal – everything is new again. Meanwhile, Christians celebrate Easter to commemorate the resurrection of Christ.

When did the Easter Bunny first appear?

Did you know the earliest reference to the Easter Bunny’s first appearance dated back to some time prior to the 17th century? At this time, Germans introduced the Osterhase, aka the "Easter hare", a rabbit that brought gifts to children during Easter. As such, it is believed that the German immigrants are responsible for bringing the stories about an egg-laying hare to America when they settled in the country. After which, the tradition with the Easter bunny started wherein children leave carrots out for the Easter bunny.

Celebrate Easter with our Forest Hare watch!

Now that we know a bit of the Easter bunny’s history, it will be more fun celebrating the season with a thematic accessory like our Forest Hare timepieces under the Morris & Co collection. The watches feature an iconic design from a world-renowned British designer, William Morris, and come in 3 stunning colours.

The Forest Hare showcased in the August Berg watches is not just an ordinary bunny; it comes with an interesting story dating back to the 1800s. The design depicted a hare, seated, looking directly at the spectator with its head turned slightly while its proper left forelimb is slightly bent and raised. The hare is seated amongst wildflowers such as tulip, daisy, and corn chamomile.

This awe-inspiring design is a collaborative work between William Morris and his designer friends Philip Webb and Henry Dearle. Both Morris and Webb shared a deep love for nature and the English countryside which led to a range of timeless masterpieces.

Here are the best accessories for the Easter celebration.

Morris & Co. Indigo Rose Gold Forest Hare | Indigo Perlon

The Morris & Co. Indigo Rose Gold Forest Hare is one of the best-selling timepieces from the Morris & Co collection. It displays the Hare against the indigo watch face accentuated by the rose gold case and the signature indigo perlon strap. Many customers are drawn to the unique, classic design and the captivating hue. This timepiece is a perfect accessory to Easter outfits with colour schemes such as mustard, mint, and emerald green

Get the Morris & Co. Indigo Rose Gold Forest Hare | Indigo Perlon 38mm now at SG$349.00. Also available in 30mm.

Morris & Co. Primrose Rose Gold Forest Hare | Grey Perlon

What makes the Morris & Co. Primrose Rose Gold Forest Hare distinct? At first glance, the reason is obvious – colour mix and match. The combination of Forest Hare design on the primrose pink watch face with rose gold casing and grey signature perlon watch bracelet is indeed unique. Where else can you find a watch in these colours? The timepiece makes an eye-catching accent to a white or soft dusty blue shades outfit.

Get the Morris & Co. Primrose Rose Gold Forest Hare | Grey Perlon 38mm at $349.00. Also available in 30mm.

Morris & Co. Crimson Silver Forest Hare | Green Perlon

Not a fan of indigo and primrose? The Morris & Co. Crimson Silver Forest Hare is a great alternative. In this timepiece, the hare is set against a green watch face highlighted by the silver casing and green signature perlon watch strap. The timepiece can match flawlessly with a range of shades including white, light or nude tones of brown, mustard yellow, and more.

Get the Morris & Co. Crimson Silver Forest Hare | Green Perlon 38mm at $309.00. Also available in 30mm.

Discovering the origin and connection of this hoppy character to the Easter tradition will not just impart new knowledge but will make the celebration more exciting. What’s even more fun is being able to accessorise the Easter outfit with an iconic timepiece from the Morris & Co. collection. Have you got your Forest Hare watch? Browse our beautiful timepieces now!

Do tag us on our Instagram @augustbergofficial to share how you wear our watch!

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