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Article: Fashion for a Cause: Celebrating Earth Day with August Berg Watches

Celebrating Earth Day

Fashion for a Cause: Celebrating Earth Day with August Berg Watches

Earth Day is a global day of celebration and awareness for the environment. August Berg celebrates Earth Day with two special edition watches inspired by the natural beauty of our planet - Serenity Deep Blue and Serenity Greenhill. These stunning watches are not only stylish but also represent the beautiful colours of the Earth.

In this post, we will explore how on Earth Day, August Berg aims to change the world by promoting an equitable and sustainable society through its watches.

Serenity Watches Collection: A Celebration of Earth's Abundance

Serenity Watches Collection

The name of the collection, "Serenity" which means a state of being calm and peaceful, reflects the nature of the Earth. Besides being a collection that makes its tribute to Mother Earth, it also encapsulates the essence of style and uncompromising quality. Whether you are in a formal or casual attire, the serenity watch collection will help you make a fashion statement.

Inspiration for Designs:

The Serenity collection is designed by the talented renowned designer Magnus Joergenson. He has taken inspiration from Danish designs to design a true representation of Earth. Danish designs are famous worldwide, perfectly representing the beautiful landscape and earth's natural environment.

Best Selling Products:

One of the best sellers, Serenity Deep Blue and Greenhill combined modern design inspired by the striking earth represented colours. August Berg's Serenity collection deserves to be in your wardrobe this Earth Day.

Serenity, Deep Blue: A deep blue stunning watch - 40mm or 32mm dial. Inspired by the deep blue skies and jewel-toned waters of summer, this watch is of uncompromising quality and style. It also perfectly resembles the deep blue water of our Earth. Some of the best features of Serenity collections are:

Serenity, Deep Blue

    • Japanese Quartz Movement
    • Anti-reflective and scratch-resistant sapphire glass
    • Water resistance, 3-5 ATM
Serenity, Greenhill: This high-quality watch is the most versatile watch of the collection. Inspired by the tropical trees and natural greenery, the Serenity Greenhill Watch perfectly symbolises the beautiful environment of our earth.

Serenity, Greenhill

August Berg's CSR Initiative: Providing Education for Children

August Berg's CSR Initiative

Did you know? With every August Berg watch sold, August Berg helps give a child six months of quality education in Asia and Africa through their partnership with the Human Practice Foundation. With every 20,000 watches sold, they commit to building a school with the Foundation. This is a tangible way for customers to make a difference with their purchase while receiving beautiful and functional timepieces. Access to education can contribute to a more equitable society. When children from all backgrounds can learn and grow, it helps break down social barriers and promotes greater social cohesion. By supporting August Berg's CSR initiative this Earth Day, you can create a more just and equitable world.


August Berg is more than just your usual watch brand. We are a brand committed to making a difference in the world by providing education for underprivileged children and promoting a more equitable and sustainable society.

sustainable Packaging

In conjunction with the celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd, let us understand the importance of education in creating a more sustainable world. Do support brands like August Berg that are leading the way toward a better future.

Join August Berg in our commitment to education and sustainability. Purchase stylish watches for men and women and help give a child six months of quality education.

Together, let us create a more equitable and sustainable world on Earth Day!

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Designed in exclusive collaboration with the iconic British heritage brand - Morris & Co.. The chemistry between Minimalism & Maximalism!


Designed by Magnus Joergensen with Minimalism philosophy of both Modern & Vintage, making it last in time.


Equipped with anti-reflective & scratch-resistant glass, made of specialized single-dome sapphire crystals - Serenity collection


Crafted with meticulously chosen Japanese Miyota Quartz movement, ensuring precision & the utmost accuracy in timekeeping.


Can be engraved with your own message, making it a perfect meaningful gift for your loved ones.


With every watch sold, we help gift a child with 6 month of quality education in Asia & Africa. And, with every 20,000 watches sold, we will build a school with Human Practice Foundation. But why education?


Delivered in sustainable & reusable Bamboo Boxes, certified by Forest Stewardship Council®


August Berg supports Carbon Removal for every shipment, ensuring that your delivery is carbon-neutral, and certified by Carbon Direct.