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Article: How Tight Should A Watch Be

How Tight Should A Watch Be

How Tight Should A Watch Be

You may think that purchasing a watch is simple – choose a design you design that you adore and pay for it. However, lots of research must be done before the purchase – what brand are you looking at, what’s the appropriate size for you, are there any good reviews, etc.

Lucky for you, we will be answering some of the common questions related to watch fitting and placement.

Check out our answers to the top 5 questions asked by many!

Should a watch be tight or loose?

Finding the right fit for watches is important because size matters. Not only the size of the dial but also the length of the strap. When it's too tight, it will leave a notable imprint on your skin, and restrict blood circulation to your wrist. If it’s too loose, it will slide around your wrist and may increase the chances of scratching the watch crystal or damaging the watch. As such, besides feeling comfortable with the right fit, adjusting your watch to the right tightness also protects your precious timepiece.

How should a watch fit?

How loose should a watch be? How tight should a watch be? Is there such thing as the perfect fit?

Honestly, different people have different preferences, and it all depends on how comfortable you are with how tightly or loosely you wear your watch. Here’s a general guide to the “perfect” fit. The watch should be loose enough to slide your index finger underneath the strap but not to the extent that you can move your index finger around. Your watch should still be tight enough to stay in place, with some room to move around for your wrist to breathe.

Yet, a guide is still a guide. Just remember some people prefer a tighter fit while others may like them slacker. There isn’t a definite answer to how tight should your watch strap be. However, one thing for sure is that as long as you feel comfortable, that’s all that matters.

How do you know if a watch is too big for your wrist?

There is no "one size fits all" for watches. Everyone has a different bone structure so when choosing your watch, always look in proportion with your wrist size for the best look.

The general rule of thumb is to choose a watch with lugs that doesn't extend beyond the width of your wrist. Lugs are referred to as the part of the watch that sticks out from the top and bottom of the watch case where the strap or bracelet attaches. If you are purchasing a watch from August Berg, do note that the case diameter only measures the dial and does not include the lugs!

How do you know if a watch fits on your wrist?

If you are intending to purchase a watch online, always check the dimensions of the dial and strap carefully. Then, check out the recommended sizes for various wrist sizes to get the best fit possible. However, if you are in the retail store, always ask the salesperson if it’s possible to try it on. Nothing beats being able to see how fitting the watch is in person.

A watch of the right size should stay in place with the dial on top of your wrist without sliding up and down your forearm. If you have a loose watch that slides up and down your wrist, consider purchasing a new watch bracelet that is the proper fit for your wrist size or visit your retailer or a jewelry shop to adjust the watch band to the right length.

Which part and where should the watch sit on your wrist?

You wouldn’t want to wear your watch too low or too high. Most of the time, people wear their watch at the tip of the ulna (the slightly protruding bone on your wrist) as they find it uncomfortable if the watch is below or above the ulna.

Everyone is different. There is no hard and fast rule on how tight should a watch be on your wrist and the placement of the watch. Always stick to your preference and what feels comfortable for you. Do tag us on our social media @augustbergofficial and share with us how you wear your watch.

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