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Article: What Jewelry to Wear with Rose Gold Watch

What Jewelry to Wear with Rose Gold Watch

What Jewelry to Wear with Rose Gold Watch

Let’s talk rose gold.

Rose gold is an alloy made from a mixture of gold and copper, sometimes silver. It has risen to popularity in the 21st century for its unique colour tone. It’s like a marriage between the stark and modern appeal of white gold and the traditional and classic feel of yellow gold. As a chic alternative to yellow gold, rose gold is exceptionally versatile in that it looks good on everyone.

As the quintessential of luxury and decadence, rose gold is a popular material for men and women’s jewelry for the following reasons (not exhaustive):

  1. Works well with all skin tones
  2. Looks stunning with other colours
  3. Durable and resists tarnish
  4. Perfect for casual and formal wear

Check out what are some ways that you can wear rose gold jewelry and watches and still look fabulous. But first, let’s address this common question of “can guys wear rose gold watches?”

Can Guys Wear Rose Gold Watch?

Let’s put the typical stereotype of “blue is for boys and pink is for girls” behind us and focus on the present. Rose gold has enjoyed increasing popularity among men, from a rather unfashionable colour choice to a highly favoured tone for accessories and jewelry. Perhaps the reason why it is such a popular colour for jewelry and watches is that you can never go wrong with rose gold. It is to carry it off regardless of whatever your style may be.

How to Style a Rose Gold Watch?

Rose gold is an extremely versatile colour, which makes styling it a relatively simple task. You can go bold by purchasing an entirely rose gold timepiece or incorporate the colour in a more subtle way such as choosing a timepiece with rose gold accents.

With a similar undertone to nude colour, you can pair your rose gold jewelry and watches with neutral clothing to obtain the popular subtle monochromatic look. If you prefer a more contrasting look, pair your rose gold jewelry and accessories with bold and dark colours. This pairing will accentuate rose gold and allow the colour to pop.

From casual to formal wear, a rose gold watch can be styled differently to fit every occasion. What's even better is an interchangeable strap that makes it extremely convenient to switch up the look of the watch. However, no matter the strap, a rose gold watch can easily make a statement in your wardrobe.


Casual Wear

An everyday watch should be something that you enjoy wearing daily and sit comfortably on your wrist. This is largely dependent on an individual's preference for the size of the watch and type of strap. For many, a perlon strap is often preferred due to its breathable and flexible material, yet it keeps you in style. For daily wear, you don’t have to be too extravagant. Just keep things simple and clean and you will be at your best.

Formal Wear

Rose gold watches for women can be effortlessly stunning when paired with a rose gold mesh strap. Besides donning an elegant look, wearing a rose gold watch radiates hints of femininity and sweet charm. However, this is not to say that men are not suited the wear rose gold watches. Typically, rose gold watches for men are worn with dark-coloured suits for formal events. You can opt for a rose gold watch with a leather strap and make it the highlight of your entire attire.

What Jewelry to Wear with Rose Gold Watch? 

Whether it’s for a casual day out or to attend a formal event, pairing your outfit with the right accessories always matter. Regardless of what’s your outfit of the day, jewelry and watches can make or break your overall look. With the wrong pairing, even the most expensive jewelry can’t save your day. But, with the right pairing, you will shine in the crowd no matter how cheap or expensive the piece is.

Rose Gold Watch with Silver Jewelry

What used to be a serious faux pas is now one of the top fashion trends that everyone seems to be getting on board. Mix and match metals.

Silver is an amazing complementary colour of rose gold. It blends well and emphasizes the rosy hues of the rose gold colour. As such, this pairing creates a good contrast that catches people’s attention. With the warm tones from rose gold and cool tones of silver, this combination can easily pull off both a casual and formal look.

Undoubtedly, this is dependent on the type of jewelry worn too. Stack your watch with a simple and minimalist silver bracelet and it will be perfect for a casual day out. Whereas for a formal event, you can elevate your classy and luxurious look with accessories like a rose gold watch with silver rings, earrings, necklaces.

Rose Gold Watch with Rose Gold Jewelry

You may not be a fan of wearing rose gold with rose gold and more rose gold but wait till you try it and see the results yourself. You can purchase your rose gold jewelry from your preferred store. It doesn't have to be from the same set of rose gold jewelry. Depending on the occasion, you can go bold with the shapes and sizes of your accessories. You can also coordinate your rose gold jewelry with gemstones. When rose gold meets gemstones, there is a vintage appeal to the jewelry that can wow people at parties and galas.

The layering of rose gold jewelry is one of the hottest trends right now because of its chic and contemporary look. You can purchase individual necklaces, rings, or bracelets and layer them yourselves or get those already layered. Typically, people tend to layer twice or thrice to achieve the look they desire. If you like something more dramatic, layer as much as you wish.

There is an endless style that you can have with rose gold jewelry and watches. What’s important is that you feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing. Do share with us what’s your way of styling our signature rose gold watches on Instagram @augustbergofficial.

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