Finding the perfect watch is not always easy, especially if you are looking for a timepiece that is both refined and functional. That's where the Deep Blue collection comes in.

Distinguished deep blue is either matching with the color of the strap or elevating the look with a bi-color silver strap.

Deep Blue Link August BergDeep Blue Leather, August Berg

Deep Blue Mesh August BergDeep Blue Perlon

Serenity Deep Blue collection offers different strap options including woven perlon strap, and Italian leather strap.

With our unique interchangeable straps function, you can easily change it and adopt a different look to suit your aspiration and to fit with any occasion. Minimalist watch strap can be purchased separately. 

Dark Blue Leather Strap 
Deep Blue Woven Perlon Strap (Silver/Rose Gold buckle)


One thing we love about Serenity Deep Blue collection is how beautiful it looks through the anti-reflective and scratch-resistant single-dome sapphire crystal glass. The sapphire deep blue dial shines exquisitely through this high-quality glass!

Check out some of our customer’s testimonials too!

"Love the blue and rose gold!" - Emily Kang

"Fast delivery! Ordered the Serenity Deep Blue Steel Mesh and received it earlier than I expected. Nice watch and packaging." - Sze Yee Young

"Beautiful Blue The color of the watch is very beautiful blue!! I couldn't take my eyes off it when First time I saw it. Performance is higher than Price!" - Dalsuke Matsushima



October 06, 2022 — August Berg