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Article: The Forest Hare Collection: A Timeful Testament to Artistry

The Forest Hare Collection: A Timeful Testament to Artistry

The Forest Hare Collection: A Timeful Testament to Artistry

In a world perpetually on the move, it's a rare and precious experience to pause and embrace the beauty that surrounds us. August Berg, known for its Danish minimalist watches, and Morris & Co., celebrated for its timeless artistry, have joined hands to create a collection that seamlessly merges the past and present. Let us reintroduce you to the Forest Hare Collection, where the iconic Morris & Co. hare motif stands as a testament to enduring creativity and refinement.

The Hare Motif: A Timeless Tale

Morris & Co., a beacon of British artistry since the 19th century, has always drawn inspiration from the wonders of nature. Among its celebrated designs is the graceful "Hare" motif, an emblem of the enduring allure of the natural world. This motif, rich in symbolism and artistry, has transcended generations, proving to be truly timeless.

Where Timelessness Meets Timefulness

Enter August Berg, renowned for its commitment to minimalist design and timefulness. The Forest Hare Collection is where these worlds collide. August Berg's signature watches now carry the intricate "Hare" design by Morris & Co., bringing the forest's enchantment to your wrist. These timepieces are more than accessories for tracking time; they are invitations to a mindful journey.


Embrace Timefulness, Embrace Life

With the Forest Hare watches, August Berg and Morris & Co. invite you to live timefully. These watches are not mere timekeepers; they are reminders to pause, connect with nature, and appreciate the enduring artistry that surrounds us. They speak of a world where time isn't a fleeting concept but a journey filled with meaning and mindfulness.

Join the Timeful Journey

When you wear a watch from the Forest Hare line, you carry a piece of nature's elegance with you. It's a journey that connects you to the nature of the forest and the timelessness of Morris & Co.'s art. Visit August Berg's Forest Hare Collection and discover the watches that celebrate the beauty of the forest, one tick at a time.

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Designed in exclusive collaboration with the iconic British heritage brand - Morris & Co.. The chemistry between Minimalism & Maximalism!


Designed by Magnus Joergensen with Minimalism philosophy of both Modern & Vintage, making it last in time.


Equipped with anti-reflective & scratch-resistant glass, made of specialized single-dome sapphire crystals - Serenity collection


Crafted with meticulously chosen Japanese Miyota Quartz movement, ensuring precision & the utmost accuracy in timekeeping.


Can be engraved with your own message, making it a perfect meaningful gift for your loved ones.


With every watch sold, we help gift a child with 6 month of quality education in Asia & Africa. And, with every 20,000 watches sold, we will build a school with Human Practice Foundation. But why education?


Delivered in sustainable & reusable Bamboo Boxes, certified by Forest Stewardship Council®


August Berg supports Carbon Removal for every shipment, ensuring that your delivery is carbon-neutral, and certified by Carbon Direct.