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Article: Timeless Love for Father's Day Celebrating Love and Bonds with August Berg Watches

Timeless Love for Father's Day    Celebrating Love and Bonds with August Berg Watches

Timeless Love for Father's Day Celebrating Love and Bonds with August Berg Watches

Father's Day is a time to express our heartfelt appreciation for the fathers who have shaped our lives. It's an opportunity to honour their unwavering support, sacrifices, and love.  

This Father's Day, let us celebrate the special bond we share with our dads by gifting them a timeless token of our love – an August Berg watch. With its exquisite craftsmanship and thoughtful design, an August Berg watch becomes a cherished symbol of gratitude and a lasting reminder of the profound connection we have with our fathers. 

Father and Son

Father's Day is a momentous occasion to acknowledge the role our dads have played in shaping our lives. Our Founder, Anders Peter Sauerberg founded this watch brand, being inspired by the birth of his son 

He believes that time is the best gift you can give yourself and others. August Berg aims to inspire others to disconnect from omnipresent time wasters and reconnect with what truly matters to you, and your values. 

Every August Berg timepiece thus serves as a keen reminder to live consciously, to be fully present for those you love, and to achieve the dreams you dare(d) to dream of. 

Gifting an August Berg watch to your dad goes beyond a mere present; it becomes a meaningful keepsake that signifies the depth of your love and gratitude. Each watch is thoughtfully created to reflect the unique qualities of our fathers – their wisdom, strength, and unwavering support. As your dad wears his August Berg watch, it serves as a daily reminder of the cherished bond you share, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to his style. 

One remarkable aspect of August Berg watches is their ability to embody both timefulness and timelessness. Each timepiece serves as a tangible reminder to embrace the present moment and savour the passage of time. With meticulous attention to detail, our wristwatches capture the essence of time through intricately designed dials, carefully selected materials, and timeless aesthetics. By gifting your dad an August Berg watch, you not only present him with a beautiful timepiece but also an invitation to cultivate timefulness – to appreciate the present and cherish the moments that have shaped your bond.  

Explore our curated selection of Father's Day watches gift ideas and select the perfect timepiece that resonates with your dad's unique style and personality. 

For the classy Dad 

Serenity CollectionSerenity Collection 

For the modern Dad 

Serenity GreenhillSerenity Greenhill

For the sporty-chic Dad 

Serenity Deepblue CollectionSerenity Deepblue Collection

Whether he prefers a classic design, a modern touch, or a combination of both, we offer a diverse range of watches to suit every preference. By choosing an August Berg watch, you are offering a gift that will stand the test of time, just like the bond between a father and child. 

As your dad wears his August Berg watch, it becomes a tangible symbol of the enduring connection you share, transcending the boundaries of time and reminding him to embrace each passing moment with gratitude.  

Father’s Day is a unique opportunity to thank the one who has always supported and loved you with a unique gift 

Every watch is delivered with a premium reusable bamboo box. 

Order now and let your Father's Day gift be a testament to the timeless love you share. 


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Designed in exclusive collaboration with the iconic British heritage brand - Morris & Co.. The chemistry between Minimalism & Maximalism!


Designed by Magnus Joergensen with Minimalism philosophy of both Modern & Vintage, making it last in time.


Equipped with anti-reflective & scratch-resistant glass, made of specialized single-dome sapphire crystals - Serenity collection


Crafted with meticulously chosen Japanese Miyota Quartz movement, ensuring precision & the utmost accuracy in timekeeping.


Can be engraved with your own message, making it a perfect meaningful gift for your loved ones.


With every watch sold, we help gift a child with 6 month of quality education in Asia & Africa. And, with every 20,000 watches sold, we will build a school with Human Practice Foundation. But why education?


Delivered in sustainable & reusable Bamboo Boxes, certified by Forest Stewardship Council®


August Berg supports Carbon Removal for every shipment, ensuring that your delivery is carbon-neutral, and certified by Carbon Direct.