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Article: Your Guide to Fall Fashion 2021

Your Guide to Fall Fashion 2021

Your Guide to Fall Fashion 2021

Autumn is officially here!

It’s the season of pumpkin-spice everything, scrumptious hot cocoa, and crisp apple cider. The change of season means time to take a stroll in the park, chill by a bonfire, bake some pies, get ready for trick-or-treating, and the list goes on.

Regardless of whether you are a homebody or an outdoorsy, autumn is the perfect season for you. You can head out to the park to enjoy the cool breeze and feel the last rays of sunshine warming your skin or sit by the fireplace and sip on a warm cup of pumpkin-spice latte. With so many relaxing activities you can enjoy during autumn, you are only ready when donned in fall fashion.

Lucky for you, ladies and gentlemen. We got you covered, from head to toe, for the season of nostalgia with some stunning pieces. Get dressed and forge some forever-lasting fond memories with your loved ones.

  1. Top

A vest is a hot piece this fall, such as a tailored vest for the ladies. Worn as outerwear or layered over an oversized blouse, vests are a must-have in your wardrobe. A mini dress may not fall under this category, but it will be a waste to leave it sitting in the closet till next summer. Pair it with a turtleneck underneath, and you’ve turned your summer wear into autumn wear.

turtleneck is the ultimate anti-cold piece for men. The criteria this fall is for it to be high, colourful, and stretchy. If a turtleneck is too warm for you, knitwear makes an excellent alternative. The trend for this season is oversized geometric knitwear. If you love the low-temperature weather, a statement tee could be your go-to piece.

  1. Bottom

Mini dress in summer, midriff-baring outfits in fall. Don in a coordinating crop top with a midi or maxi skirt - you can stay fashionable while keeping yourself warm. To spice things up in fall, leave behind your sandy shades and gear up in printed pants. Have fun pairing your top with these tailored-fit pants.

Loose fit denim is the in thing for males and females. Pair it with any top of your choice, from plain sweater vests to statement tees, for uncompromising comfort. You can consider switching up denim with a pair of extra-large, baggy trousers for greater comfort. If you would like to explore the unconventional piece of outfit, try out shorts. What is meant for summer seems to be a fall essential in 2021. Embrace the cold winds with mini shorts or Bermudas paired with an oversized top.

  1. Coat

Leather and oversized coat are in vogue this season. Tonal tailoring, referred to as the matching of different shades, can be considered when matching your outfit for the day. From neutral hues to pop colour, it makes a great statement look. This style is perfect for males and females to explore.

  1. Shoes

Some types of footwear you can expect this fall includes clogs for ladies, sneakers for men, and boots for all. 

Clogs, traditionally known for their leather tops and wooden soles, are back in trend. The distinctive feature of this footwear, an open-back design for easy wear, is what people love. However, if you feel unprotected, clogs with backings are also available these days. There are many different types of clogs, so choose the one that matches your style.

Sneakers are footwear all year round for men. Perhaps, sneakers with a sport sole will make you stand out in the park. Sport sole seems to take the spotlight this season. Nonetheless, regardless of the type of sole, so long as you find the right pair for the right outfit, you will look exceptional.

What used to be a staple for women’s winter wardrobe has become footwear all year round for both genders. Some top picks this fall consist of Chelsea boots for males and high-knee and combat boots for females. Did we mention the best part about boots? You can wear it for any season, so it’s time to invest in one now!

  1. Accessories

Accessories are the finishing touches to your stunning outfit. Watches are not only functional, but they also accentuate your fall fashion. Here are our hottest watches this fall.

Green may be the last colour you can find during fall, making it the perfect timepiece for fall. Our Serenity Greenhill Rose Gold | Dark Green Perlon is an eye-catching timepiece for its green dial. Available in different shades of brown and red, the watch adds a fresh touch to your outfit.

You may often associate orange and yellow with fall too, but did you know blue is part of the autumn colour palette? Another way to style up is with our Serenity Sky Blue Rose Gold | Light Brown Leather. When everything is slow and moody during fall, brighten your day with our sky blue dial.

Here you have it, a compiled list of this fall’s hottest item! Mix and match the various style to your liking. No matter what type of outfit you choose for your autumnal activities, be sure to keep warm and feel comfortable in it. Be sure to tag us on social media @augustbergofficial when you are chilling with them.


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