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Article: 3 Ways To Truly Be Free

3 Ways To Truly Be Free

3 Ways To Truly Be Free

Freedom is the power to act, think, speak and live as you want and will. To attain this freedom, we bound ourselves to endless amounts of commitments, like an arduous day job, or rules and schedules and end up becoming prisoners to our distant desire.

So how do we truly live freely? Of course, nothing in this world is free, including our own freedom (ironically). There are three things we must give up for it. This sounds scary at first glance but in reality, giving up these three things will uplift your spirits greatly.


  • GIving up deception (or Stop pretending)
  • The truth does not cost a thing, but a lie could cause you everything.

    Too often do we hide away from reality, afraid of what may be, running away from our troubles… But realise that the truth will make you stronger as a person. At its core, our problem is merely a truth, but we see it as a ‘problem’ because of our innate loneliness and anxiety of the unknown or of something we did not expect.

    To avoid facing this truth, we deceive ourselves, pretending to protect ourselves from the inevitable. This is a very short term solution that will end up eating us from the inside because sooner or later, this false skin we wear will make us uncomfortable as we continue restricting ourselves by overthinking and being paranoid. This is how people end up in relationships that eat them up alive. This is why some people cannot bear to look at themselves in the mirror and this is how people never take action in their lives and die with regret.

    Give up lies. Instead, follow the path of truth. It will set you free and give you the peace of mind you truly need.


  • Giving up comfort
  • This sounds counterintuitive at first but stick with me on this one. We might think that freedom equates to having a sense of comfort, so many of us tend to seek it while avoiding our sufferings.

    Now hold that thought and walk with me on this: Avoiding our sufferings is like walking on glass, holding our breath in hopes that its wrath does not find us. If we were to instead, embrace the pain as it comes, it will instead give you the peace of mind because you just take things in as it is, before you are mentally worn out from running away and before the pain snowballs into an avalanche that could kill our spirits. When you decide to leave your comfort zone and take on suffering, the suffering becomes just a ‘piece of suffering’ that makes you stronger as a person.


  • Giving up incompatible relationships
  • No one is an island. We need good people with us to thrive in life.

    The problem is that we surround ourselves with people who are not the best for us, all in the name of not being lonely, or for the sake of climbing the social ladder. However, these connections only hold us back like a dragonfly caught in a network of spider webs and we needlessly force ourselves into meaningless kinship that does absolutely nothing for us.

    A free person should be able to spend time with the people they share the same values with, to appreciate the conversations and the activities together and most importantly, feel a sense of satisfaction and bliss through their precious time spent together.

    So do not be afraid of being temporarily alone. There are seven billion people in this world, it is near impossible to find someone who does not share the same energy as you have and until then, do not let incompatible people drain your energy away from you.


    In conclusion, we can never find true freedom by living by the law of others. We behave a certain way or act a certain way because society makes us think that we should be like so and so, that we have to tick a certain checklist to feel powerful and thus, free. It is only when we break out of this mould that we can truly find our voices and power to achieve personal freedom.

    Everyone can be free.


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