Habits are practices that we repeat until it becomes a part of us, sometimes without even realising them ourselves. Habits can make you a better person, or worse, depending on its nature. 

Some might be reluctant to pick up a new habit intentionally as they find it disruptive to their current lifestyle. This might be true if you are going to make a drastic change to your current lifestyle. However, there are some small habits that may seem insignificant, but would, in fact, create a huge impact on our life. 

Here are 5 interesting habits to embrace, 

1. Take a Few Minutes to Reflect Before Going to Sleep

We are familiar with this and the process is simple. Sit down with a pen and paper, undisturbed, and note down three good things that happened in your day. Be sure to include how they made you feel, and why they happened. This forces you to focus on the good things and to feel good about your life.

2. Smile More 

This small habit may seem insignificant, but by smiling more, we are tricking our mind into thinking that we’re happy.

3. Meditate 

The word “meditate” may sound intimidating or a cliche, but it’s simply giving yourself some quiet time. Close your eyes, relax and rest your mind. It is a mental exercise that can help you achieve healthier mental health and develop better focus during the day. If that’s not enough to convince you on meditation, there are many other benefits such as controlling anxiety and lengthening attention span, plus it really only takes a few minutes of minutes of your day!   

4. Keep a Journal

Use it to note down your to-do lists, schedule your meetings and activities, or keep track of your expenses. Penning things down in paper helps you put everything into perspective, your to-do list according to priorities. In this case, it can help reduce overthinking and you feel less troubled as you regain control of your thoughts and actions. This helps to reduce the chance of forgetting an appointment, or not having enough time to do something. 

5. Express Your Gratitude

Spend at least a little bit of each day letting someone know that you care about them. Smile or greet your colleagues a sincere “Good Morning”, say a pleasant “Thank you” to your barista and tell your special someone that you love them.  These are all simple ways where you can express your gratitude and passion. By being thankful, you are focusing on the things you have, instead of those that you don’t. In this way, you will feel more contented and happy in life.

Have a go developing these habits and let us know your thoughts? 


December 06, 2019 — August Berg