It is important to find someone who can be there for you in every different situation. However, it can be difficult or maybe impossible to find a friend that can offer you everything you need in life. Someone whom you can have fun with may not be the same person who can teach you something useful in life. This is why you will need at least three types of friends in your life! 

  1. Best Friend Forever (BFF)

A BFF will always be there for you when you need someone to confide to. Sometimes a listening ear is all you need when you’re stressed out or feeling emotional after a long day. These friends are your ride or die, they are not judgemental and will always support you in everything you do. 

  1. Role Model or Mentor

Often in life, you will need someone to guide you when you’re lost. This person does not need to be an expert in any field, he or she just needs to be someone who understands you well and know what you want in life. That person should be someone who can motivate you to be a better person, or inspires you without making yourself feel inadequate.  

  1. Someone Completely Different From You

Having such people as your friend is important as they tend to help you open your eyes to different worldviews and practices. They teach you to do things you wouldn’t have done and perhaps aid you in becoming more accepting. They push you to do things beyond your comfort zone and be adventurous as you live life to the fullest. 

Friends are important. So important, in fact, that it’s been scientifically proven that friendship can actually extend life expectancy and lower chances of heart-related diseases. Having a strong friendship can literally help us survive. Part of why that is has to do with what happens in our brains when we interact with other humans: a 2011 study detailed the role of the neurobiological endogenous opioid system (the stuff in our brains that make us feel good) in positive social relationships; in 2016, researchers found evidence of the release of oxytocin during social interactions; and later that year, psychologists conducted a study that suggested levels of pain tolerance can predict how many friends someone has. 

So treasure the time you spend with your friends and make them count! It’s time to arrange for a meet-up, especially this holiday season. 


December 16, 2019 — August Berg