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Article: Guide to Keeping Calm and Collected #AugustBergInsiders

Guide to Keeping Calm and Collected #AugustBergInsiders

Guide to Keeping Calm and Collected #AugustBergInsiders

Now more than ever, we're being bombarded by negative news at every turn. Whether it's social media, TV, online articles or word of mouth, the virus has penetrated every single conversation. 

It's essential to make conscious decisions in maintaining a positive disposition for your mental well-being. A lot of us are in a position where we need to stay home and limit all social interactions, which is easier said than done. Humans are inherently social creatures, so being told to stay home, away from colleagues, friends, and social situations can be a chore after some time. 

To help in this journey, we are working with Mona Gill, yoga and holistic wellness instructor to provide our community with a basic guide on meditation. We believe that mindfulness meditation is known to alleviate stress, enhance awareness, and decrease anxiety while boosting compassion, which is something we all need now. 


Here's a guide to keeping calm and collected from our resident yogi, 

There are different types of meditation, and one that works for me is mantra meditation. I find that daily practice is just what my mind and body longs. It's the perfect mind-body cleanse to reset after a long day. 

To begin,

  • Find a mantra you identify with the most 

Aum, Ohm or Om is a sacred, spiritual sound that is known generally as the sound of the universe. It is the universal mantra and represents the cycle of life. Starting your meditation process with this could ease you into the calmness state.  

  • Set your intentions

Give yourself a goal, which helps with your focus and clarity. It can be as simple as attaining peace, clarity or being present.

  • Find a comfortable, quiet and distraction-free spot

Choose a post that sure you are comfortable and not distracted. I find my living room space to be the one space I keep returning to as it keeps me grounded and peaceful and relaxed. This could also be your bedroom, your balcony, or any given area that gives a sense of serenity.

  • Find your centre 

Mala Beads is an excellent way to keep your focus. They provide something tactile to come back to when your mind starts to wonder. Align the beads through your fingers, tune your breathing to the rolling of your beads; it is a tangible way to direct your energy and attention. Each time you roll through the beads, you reground and refocus.

Close your eyes and chant out loud or if you choose to do it silently. You may start to feel vibrations and sensations in areas of your body. Allow them to happen without paying any more or any less attention to them. It's part of the practice. 

There's no set duration for meditation; you can spend anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. Remember to breathe normally and do not force your breathing.

Here are some things to avoid:

  • Words that stir negativity 
  • Thoughts that ignite 'noise' in your mind

If they do happen, return to your mantra and centre yourself. Repeat these steps slowly, steadily, in unison with your breath.

It may take a moment to focus and centre yourself entirely, but don't fret! Keep in mind that regular practice enables you to experience and receive the full benefits of meditation.

Stay tuned till our next session. Feel free to connect with us on @augustbergofficial should you have any tips or questions. 


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