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Article: Is Danish Design Scandinavian?

Is Danish Design Scandinavian?

Is Danish Design Scandinavian?

Have you ever had a dilemma about what the terms Scandinavian and Danish designs are? The term "Scandinavian design" originates from Scandinavia, a selection of countries in northern Europe, which mainly includes DenmarkNorway, and Sweden. So essentially, Danish design encompasses elements of Scandinavian designs while incorporating some of its unique features.

Scandinavian design is well-known for its simplicity, functionality, and beauty and a style that's globally embraced in numerous homes around the world. Nowadays, it's hard to find a home that hasn't been touched by Scandinavian design in one way or another. 

Let’s primarily focus on Danish design, which is August Berg's speciality. The underlying component of Danish design lies in the art of hygge, which relates to a lifestyle and atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Homes in Denmark tend to be sparsely decorated, with a strong emphasis on space, an extension of the Danish design concept which is synonymous with being timeless. Most accessories and fashion styles revolve around light colours, practicality, and minimalistic clean lines, an ode to the classics. 

One can also expect durability with every Danish-designed product they purchased. Danes possess a deep-set belief for quality, not quantity. This is why when you buy a piece of Danish-designed product, you can expect it to last for a lifetime. The Danes take pride in crafting their products with heart and soul; they are proud to present their Danish-designed craftsmanship, whichever industry it may be.  

Now, let us delve deeper into the features of Danish design watches.

Danish designs have made a name in the timepieces and Scandinavian design industries. Denmark has built an unparalleled reputation in the watch world due to its stylish and wearable watches that champion simplicity and functionalism. For August Berg, the emphasis lies in taking classic timepiece design from the 1950s and combining it with modern functionality and colours that are inspired by the Danish landscapes. 

Those who were introduced to Scandinavian design in the form of Danish-designed watches can start with the country's renowned designers like Hans Wegner and Arne Jacobsen. Their elegant lines reflected on pieces of furniture are signature examples of clean and iconic Nordic design, which has ultimately also left its mark on Danish timepieces. 

Another element of Danish-designed brands is their commitment to giving back to the community. A brand is more than just a name. The meaning and purpose always come with a story that warms your soul, which led to the notion that Danes are some of the happiest people on earth.

August Berg aims to make a positive difference in our world. August Berg is a Danish watch brand on a mission of encouraging its community to rethink the role of the watch: from a counter of time lost to a measurer of potential opportunities.

Founded by Danish retail specialist Anders Peter, the brand is inspired by his son, Carl August. Anders Peter believes that time is the best gift you can give yourself and others. August Berg aims to inspire others to disconnect from omnipresent time wasters and reconnect with what truly matters to you, and your values. Every August Berg timepiece thus serves as a keen reminder to live consciously, to be fully present for those you love, and to achieve the dreams you dare(d) to dream of.

This concept of giving back not only comes in the form of "time" but also a tangible partnership with the Human Practice Foundation, a Danish not-for-profit foundation based in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

As August Berg strives to make a positive impact on the lives of others, with every watch sold, August Berg donates 6-months of quality education for kids in rural Africa and Asia through Human Practice Foundation. For every 20,000 watches sold, August Berg will be building a school for kids in local communities through the Human Practice Foundation. 

This way, August Berg hopes to advocate timefulness while giving back to society because time is a gift - we who have enough should give to those in need.

In conclusion, Danish design incorporates roots from Scandinavian design, which is functionalism and beauty — the obsession and dedication to simple yet sophisticated design and master craftsmanship, while promoting a comfortable lifestyle that is filled with warmth.

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