With everything happening in the world, 2020 has been proving to be quite a challenge. The news has been filled with endless depressing updates but there are a few things we can do not only help ourselves but our loved ones and that is keeping healthy and practising self-care. 

Our bodies are just like our mobile devices; should we neglect our need to recharge occasionally, we would eventually run out of “battery” one day. That would be disastrous for both our mental and physical health, putting us at risk of burning out.

Taking part in a list of activities that replenish our well-being, leaving us energized and emotionally refreshed, all of which can be done in the comfort of our homes.  While we may not be able to avoid entirely stressful and draining matters in our daily lives, there are certain things that we can do to make it better. Just like the simple act of spending some time in a quiet place to journal it down, it improves your self-awareness. 

As Robert Fulghum puts life into perspective: “Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life - learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.” Take a step back and remember that there is more to life than the current situation and this too shall pass. Look at life holistically, slow down to savour it’s moments; appreciating and enjoying life itself can be good for you. 

To make it easy for you, here are 3 simple activities you can enjoy that is good for your soul:

  • Have life moments with your love ones
  • With the importance of social distancing, take time to prepare home-cooked meals for your family, try out that new recipe that you’ve been wanting to, start juicing, there’s so many things you can do to keep everyone healthy and happy. Having that bond of breaking bread and sharing life is important. Studies have shown that the stronger the social circle is with support, the better the individual can cope with stress and see improvement in their mood. It’s time to build bonds with friends and family (safely)!

  • Refresh yourself in nature
  • Nature presents itself as a natural remedy to calm stress and anxiety. Going for a hike, a jog by the park and what it is, enjoying nature can go a long way for your soul. Even short breaks of viewing nature can be beneficial for your mental health. So while we may not have all the time in the world, you can refresh yourself just by looking at nature whenever you can! Remember to choose places that aren't so crowded! 

  • Continue to learn 
  • You can begin by starting a new book, learning a new skill-set or trying a new activity. Learning rekindles your joy and appreciation of life. If you’re not so sure what is something to start with, YouTube is a good place to discover what you may come to love. 

    Just like the air stewardess’ instruction to put on our oxygen mask first before others in times of need, more often than not, it is a piece of advice we should heed. Just like self-care, if we first help ourselves before another, then we can come back stronger to care for others that matters.

    So take a step back if you need to, wear your “oxygen mask” of self-care, spend your time in life-giving moments to recharge, so that you can last the long haul for all that is ahead. 


    March 23, 2020 — August Berg