Our family members are no doubt some of the most important people in our life. We spend a huge part of our life with them, experiencing different things together. A positive family relationship is important for many reasons. It is not only a source of happiness but is also beneficial to our mental health.

Here are some things you can do to improve your relationship with your family! 

  1.  Create Quality Family Time

Quality family time can happen anytime and anywhere, it is more about making the most out of your time spent with each other. By quality time, it means really to interact with each other and not just staring at your phone while sitting beside each other. For example, you can do a family trip or a simple dinner gathering. 

For most the more quality time spent together, the stronger the bond, and allows you to understand your family members better. It might seem like a simple thing to do, however, it can be really effective! 

  1. Improving Communication

By improving communication, it means that you can understand each other better, reducing the chance of misunderstanding and conflicts. An easy way to do so is to put your phones down and be truly present in the moments. 

It won’t hurt to take 5 minutes to listen to your family and understand what they are going through. Improving communication can be as easy as asking them “What’s wrong?”.  

  1. Show Appreciation

When we are so close to someone, we tend to take things for granted and this is especially true with our family. We are often more forgiving and appreciative towards our friends, colleagues, and so forth. 

However, showing appreciation and gratitude plays an important role in improving family relationships. It is a simple way to show that we care about them and is thankful for them. It can be done easily and in many different ways. For instances, showing support at their events and performances, checking up on them, or simply saying “Thank you” for even the simplest of things improve one’s mood.

Research has shown that families with better relationships are happier. Improving family relationship is not as difficult as you think it might be, it just takes a little effort and time. 

Remember the methods above and try to see if it actually works! 

January 14, 2020 — Anders Peter Sauerberg