There are times when we get the feeling that something is lacking in our lives. You may perhaps feel a sense of inadequacy or even grapple with mild discomfort over a certain situation. And over many occasions, we may find ourselves guilty of the following two cognitive traps: blaming others and blaming yourselves.

But life has always been unpredictable in that manner and not everything is always within our control. The truth is, there is no leverage in blaming anyone. The key, however straightforward it may be, is to stay positive and keep a sound mind against the conundrums.

Having spent the bulk of my time trawling through YouTube and Spotify playlists for the ideal podcasts to attain peak mindfulness, here’re 10 suggestions to help us keep motivated, keep a sound mind, and stay informed.

Podcast 1: The Mindful Minute by Meryl Arnett
Meditation and spirituality have seen a huge comeback in recent news along with the growing awareness for mental health. The Mindful Minute is highly recommended by those seeking to practice meditation.

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Podcast 2: Hidden Brain by Shankar Vedantam
From imaginary friends to the economy, the Hidden Brain provides insights to how the cogs in our brains turn. A social science correspondent for the National Public Radio, Shankar Vedantam explains the psychology that governs our relationships and how it can impact society at large.


Podcast 3: The Knowledge Project by Shane Parrish

Learn from the masters. Here, CEOs, experts and professionals give their advice and opinions on how to improve yourself. In other words, this is quite the perfect podcast to listen to for self-improvisation and while on the go.

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Podcast 4: Charisma on Command  

Some celebrities can be charismatic icons. And sometimes we want to be like them. Charisma on Command analyses the behaviour and habits of these movie stars and the characters they portray into simple lessons that can be applied daily – be it talking to your superiors, building friendships, or expressing yourself better to loved ones.


Podcast 5: 88 Cups of Tea with Yin Chang

A career in creativity is not a bed of roses. For the artists who may feel lost or rejected in their pursuits, finding inspiration can be challenging. Fret not – Yin Chang’s bubbly personality in her podcasts brings positivity and insight into the creative processes, inviting authors, movie screenwriters and many in the art field to share their experience and advice.


Whether it be in your daily commutes, mealtimes or winding down before sleep, tuning in to these podcasts can help us reflect daily.


- By Lua Ker Hian

March 04, 2020 — August Berg