Can we really have it all?

That’s the topmost question on our minds as we battle the never-ending pressure to yield to the stress of modern life. 

Is that elusive work-life balance even possible? Yes, if we make conscious choices in the way we use our time, a concept our founder, Anders Peter calls timefulness. 

There is no doubt that time is precious. It never seems enough. And truly, it isn’t. But there is a way we can, in fact, ‘have it all’.

The secret is in redefining the concept of ‘all’. It begins with identifying the things that will permeate your life with true meaning and purpose, and then consciously make choices that are authentic and aligned with those things that are important to you.  

Randi Zuckerberg’s philosophy on choosing three pillars of focus resonates strongly with us here at August Berg.

As one of the more influential leaders in the tech industry, Randi describes the Pick Three movement in her book. We ought to let go of the pressure to excel in all areas all the time and instead, prioritise three from these five pillars – work, sleep, family, fitness and friends – on a daily basis in order to live a balanced and successful life. 

We also encourage you to choose three each day, and let that be your focus. And each day, empower yourself to make a new choice. Some days you may choose to immerse yourself in work while friends and family take a backseat. Other days, you may consciously choose to put your devices aside and give your loved ones your undivided attention. And there are days where you may choose to simply retreat from the world, listen to a few podcasts and give yourself time to replenish.  

That’s living life on your terms, and it’s perfectly okay.


August 28, 2019 — August Berg