Bzzt, the buzz of a mosquito, a bee, a fly. Afternoon by the parks, in your backyard, or your porch, or balcony. The quiet of the afternoon, a special time when things are suspended and it’s the time of day when nothing much happens. People are at work and the streets are quieter because the sun is just beating down relentlessly at this timing. Children are told to go indoors to enjoy their lemonades to cool off. There is quiet. And that’s your afternoon quiet.

The words and imagery below are yours to experience. Pair it with our recommended music as you read it to yourself and enjoy the quiet of the afternoon.

A time for quiet.

Now playing – Afternoon in Stereo by Living Room

Quietly energized. That’s what afternoons should feel like. You’re halfway through the day, probably after a morning of work, or not. It’s okay either way. The afternoon is a time to unwind and take advantage of the quiet. Fetch yourself a cold drink, and just look out of your windows. Enjoy the breeze, observe the birds, feel the cold under your tongue as you take another sip of your drink. Maybe you see the clouds obscure the sun for a bit, and that cheers you because you can now see the clouds a little better, see the sunlight lining the clouds instead. The sun was getting too warm anyway. And when the sun peeps out again as the wind chases the clouds on its way, that cheers you up too. Life goes on.

Life goes on.

Now playing – Sakura Wildflower by Afternoon Bike Ride

Maybe you treat your afternoon as an intermission. A break between your morning and your night. Imagine that, a play of life. Curtain call – morning opens the scene with the sunrise and morning breath. You slowly build up your story, and your day, as it opens into the afternoon after the work is done and you have set the story, and it’s time for an intermission. You keep your audience at the edge of their seats. You feel satisfied. It’s a good time to breathe, and perhaps remember that life does happen that way. Sometimes you need a break. Then you slowly gain the momentum to gear up and move again. You just needed that small pause.

A pause.

Now playing – Sundown by mt. fujitive

A time to focus on yourself. Pause. When the sun is shining at its strongest, find a spot to play with shadows. Look at your hands, fingers. Turn it this way and that to appreciate yourself in different angles. Put your feet in the sun and imagine you’re at the beach, close your eyes and imagine that parasol that’s shielding your eyes from the sun as you lay there feeling the warmth radiate from your feet up to the rest of you. You know what, now’s a good time to bring out that snack you’ve been saving for a “better time”.

A Better Time

Now playing – Colourway by Novo Amor

Make your afternoons a better time – it’s a good time to take a short break from working all morning, to take time to make that second cup of coffee and have a cookie with it because you deserve it. It can always be a better time if you choose to make it. Spend time with your afternoons, spend time with yourself, and with your family and loved ones. Afternoons are just another “best time of the day”, don’t you think?


June 01, 2020 — August Berg