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Article: Time of the Day Series: Evening

Time of the Day Series: Evening

Time of the Day Series: Evening

There’s something about the sun setting, isn’t there? When the blinding afternoon sun subtly transitions into an orange glow, slowly tinting the sky orange as it blends into the pink and purple. Take this time to put an image of your favourite sunset in your mind – that sunset by the beach in Bali as the waves break on the sand, the wide expanse of the sea; or a peek of a beautiful setting as you look out the window after an intense work session. Maybe our favourite sunsets are connected to beautiful memories, immortalizing the moments in our heads as the day’s light fades and the universe puts on a show - the dance of vibrant colours right before our eyes.

The words and imagery below are yours to experience. Pair it with our recommended music as you read it to yourself and enjoy the energy of the evening.

The sunset.

Now playing – Moment of Clarity by Light Bin

It can be a different experience for everyone and the end of the day’s light could feel stifling for some, but let’s pull ourselves away from that energy and focus on the last rays of the sun – right before the sun sets completely. There is this energy in the air as you observe the blue blend into an orange, and the entire landscape is awash with the glow – the second golden hour of the day. Maybe you’re stuck at home with windows barring access to the full sunset show, maybe you have the full unblocked view out in your yard – close your eyes here and imagine the sun in the horizons of your mind as a glowing red dot against gentle waves. If you are listening to the song with us, hold that image with your eyes closed as you enjoy the music.

The horizon.

Now playing – Light as a Feather by The Oahus

Still, with that glowing red dot in the horizon, imagine its rays reaching out towards the front of your head and emanating its glow all around until your entire headspace is aglow in that warm orange tint. The clouds are gently moving along, and the waves are gently lapping against you as you watch the red glowing sun continue pushing its orange rays through the skies and the clouds. You watch as the glow gently dips into the horizon, changing the colours of the landscape. It is no longer just orange, you see pink at the edges of the horizon, as the vibrance gives way to quiet energy. Hold on to that image of the dipping sun, the soft blend of the orange-pink hues, and the red glow in the horizon. Hold your hopes there in that gentle energy and take a breath. Repeat this sunset image in your head with your eyes closed now, as you finish up the song.

Take a breath.

Now playing – The Oceans Belong to Us All by Steven Price

The evening is a time to unwind and to let go of the day’s work and worries. There is gentle energy to evenings, following the setting of the sun and the rising of the moon. This is a time to recharge and focus on yourself. Before we had the concept of time and the luxury of having timepieces, farmers marked their days with the rising and the setting of the sun. As the sun rises and the roosters roost, their workday starts. As the sun sets, so does their day end as they retreat into the comforts of their homes and nests – that is the natural course of things. In this fast-paced world, we currently live in, time seems to become abstract even as we try to understand it and mark it against our clocks. It is important for us to make use of what we know and have—our time and our knowledge of the world’s cycles, namely the rising and the setting of the sun—to remind ourselves to take a break. The energy of the day’s work turns into a different kind of energy in the evening – you are now focusing on yourself. If you are following us through the playlists, go through to the end of the song and feel the energy bubbling up in your chest. Savour that feeling.


Now playing – A Greater Resilience by Steven Price

The evening is a time that scares some of us. We fear that with the end of the day, come dark thoughts and emotions. And yes, it often does, and that is okay. But here, we are not going to focus on that. We are not pushing it away or disregarding it, but we are accepting that we might have those dark thoughts and emotions, and it’s okay. Remember the red glow of the sun at the horizons and hold onto that when it gets dark. The sun might not be able to shine through the dark clouds all the time but remember that it is always pushing with an energy that even those watching could feel. Channel that energy then takes a breath and let go. Release the bad feelings with the release of your breath, release any worries that you have had throughout the day. Absorb the energy of the evening into yourself – you are the energy that you have harvested. Now enjoy that same energy and revel in it. A day has come to an end and there are always things to be thankful for, and there is always time to be grateful.

Finish up the song and enjoy the rest of your evening. You deserve this time.


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