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Article: Tips to take care of watch during Summer

Tips to take care of watch during Summer

Tips to take care of watch during Summer

Summertime is peeking around the corner, and it means barbeques, beach holidays, and refreshing summer outfits!

As the season changes, it is quite apparent that you will adjust your wardrobe to match the summer vibe, including accessories like a watch. Yes, watches require special care during the hottest time of the year not only to keep them always in great shape but to give you comfort while wearing one. Even if you have watches meant for summer, it is highly recommended to consider some tips on caring for your luxury timepiece.

Why is it important to care for your watch?

Did you know that your watch has some sworn enemies? You heard it right. These enemies include dust, moisture, dirt, shocks, UV radiation, and extreme temperature. While all these factors affect your precious timepiece, the last two are most common during the hottest months – summer.

Over time, watchmakers have developed and used engineering solutions to withstand these enemies, however, the front-line defense should be performed by the individual user. No high-quality watch will function well if it is maltreated. To keep each part of the watch running well requires proper care and maintenance.

How to take care of your watch?

Regular watch care is essential at any time of the year, but there are additional considerations to be carried out during the summer months. Aside from maintenance, preventive care is always preferable to repair work for your luxury watch. Hence, we have compiled a few tips on how to take care of your watch this season.

Check water resistance

Summertime usually involves outdoor activities such as swimming, water sports, and other adventure that will get you wet. Don’t assume your timepiece is all set to join you for a dip just because it says water-resistant. Always pay attention to your watch’s water resistance rating – see what you can or can’t do with it on your wrist depending on the depth. For instance, all August Berg watches feature water-resistance of 3-5 ATM which made them ideal for everyday wear. Keep in mind that no watch is completely waterproof, and the longer it is exposed to the water the higher the risk.

Aside from the water, the salt build-up can also cause problems to your watch during summer. Hence, you should rinse your watch with clean, fresh water after exposure to saltwater. In addition, you may scrub it with a soft bristle brush to get rid of sand.

Clean your watch with a soft cloth

Dirt build-up is another common enemy in summer. Watches take a bit more of a beating at this time of the year as we indulge in a more active lifestyle, so it is important to clean them. Dirt can get inside the dial and wreak havoc damaging the movement. Don’t forget to clean your timepiece gently using a soft cloth, such as non-abrasive or cotton. For the strap, it might differ based on the type of material, but generally, you can use a damp towel with a little mild soap and then let it dry.

Avoid rigorous activity

Is your watch shock-resistant? Whether it is or not, try to avoid subjecting your watch to a rigorous activity unless it is certified to withstand the extreme treatment. If intense activity is a thing for you, it might be safer to remove the watch while engaging in it as it might cause scratches or cracks. In addition, be careful not to drop your watch on the ground. Sometimes we get carried away by the adrenaline rush that we tend to go in a rush, resulting in dropping the watch on the ground. The unexpected impact may damage the casing and the internal components.

Wear the best strap for hot weather

Did you know there are straps more suitable for hot weather? There is a range of choices you can pick to keep your timepiece looking great without compromising comfort. During summer, fabric is your best friend so that sweat will not be confined around your wrist. Wear a watch with a perlon strap since it is more breathable, stylish, and low maintenance. Aside from the perlon watch strap, you can also choose the nylon strap as it offers similar functionality as perlon in terms of breathability and ruggedness. If the bracelet of your watch can be interchanged, then you can just buy a perlon or nylon strap and quickly replace it. Match your watch with our perlon, leather and mesh straps! Browse our interchangeable watch straps.

Now you are ready to take extra care of your watch during summertime. Just keep in mind the tips above to help your watch last longer. However, if you are planning on getting a new timepiece for the new season, you may browse the best-selling August Berg collections

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