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Article: WFH Tips and Tricks

WFH Tips and Tricks

WFH Tips and Tricks


Working from home (WFH) is awesome until your kids demand attention in the middle of your meeting with your boss. And who will forget about our neighbours who seems to have a knack for picking the perfect time to start on their construction project.

COVID-19 has changed the way we work, most employees are working from home other than the essential workers. To many, being able to work from home is a luxury while to others, they find it hard to be productive due to the lack of an office environment.

In the office, you will get to interact with your colleagues, have small talks and lunch with them. The social benefits are endless, but to an introvert, these benefits quickly turn into their nightmares.

At home, you might be easily distracted by your family members and without your colleagues around, it might be hard to get quality work done without the same peer pressure or obligations exhibited when working in the office.

Nevertheless, whether we like it or not, WFH is here to stay until the COVID situation has fully blown away. For those working from home, great news!! Here are some tips and tricks for you to get work done efficiently.

  1. Communication is key.


Of course, your home is a shared space among your family members and you need to communicate that you are working and do not wish to be disturbed. Something as simple as sending a message to the family group chat that you do not wish to be disturbed during a certain period works wonders. When you are having a meeting, you can paste a note outside your closed door that you are having a meeting now and you would appreciate it that they lower down their volume.

  1. Stick to a routine

We are not machines and we need an ample amount of breaks to work efficiently. So rather than just scrolling through social media or watching YouTube, you can talk to your family members, rest your eyes by looking out the window and if time permits, take a short walk and enjoy some fresh air. WFH can easily blur out the distinction between work and rest, resulting in overworking. It is very important to not let work life bleed into your personal life. By having a balance, we can ensure that we are not easily burnt out. As such, setting a time where you stop working will allow you to process that at that time your workday is over and you can start to save your work and look forward to resting for the evening.

  1. Interact with your colleagues

WFH can make one feel isolated at times. The usual small talks and interactions with your colleagues will not be present at home. So what can you do to combat this boredom and loneliness? You can chat them up through messaging or video calls using your company communication tools such as Teams or Zoom.

  1. Treat yourself from time to time

We all need gratifications from time to time to reward ourselves for our hard work. As the saying goes, “Work hard, play hard!” Do not forget to indulge yourself in your favourite activities, be it having a nice cake or even shopping. Speaking of shopping, we have a wide collection of watches such as our classic Serenity and our ever popular Morris & Co. X August Berg collaboration that sure is going to satisfy your need for floral power. For the minimalist you, we have the that is simple but not too overly plain. And if you’re looking for a more subtle day to day piece, we have the classic Ash & Orchid in our signature Grey Perlon! These are just the tip of an iceberg of what we have to offer, so be sure to check out our full collection, and who knows, one of them could very well be your next favourite piece.

Working from home has its ups and down, we would love to hear your thoughts about it! Be sure to tag us on social media @augustbergofficial when you are sharing them!

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